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Side Effect Statement

You can consult your doctor or pharmacist and apply to the competent health authority for your side effect/adverse reaction reports regarding BIOFARMA products.

In case of emergencies regarding your side effects/adverse reaction reports, you can reach the BIOFARMA Pharmacovigilance Unit by contacting 0216 398 10 63 phone numbers or farmakovijilans@biofarma.com.tr e-mail address.

You can find the Pharmacovigilance clarification text issued within the scope of the personal data protection law.

Side Effect Reporting Form

    All (*) marked fields are mandatory.
    Please provide your phone number or other contact details to allow us to contact you in relation to your Side Effect/Undesired Effect/Adverse Effect report. All details you have shared with us shall be kept confidential, and shall not be shared with any third party or company other than the institutions and organizations with whom they should be shared pursuant to the legal regulations and procedures on patient privacy. By means of checking the "I Agree" box upon reading our Abdi İbrahim information notice and consent letter regarding the reporting of Side Effects/Undesired Effects/Adverse Effects, you will be deemed to have accepted the storage, retention and processing of your personal data. Please note that by checking the "I Agree" box, you also agree and declare that you accept the legal warning and that the information you entered are accurate.

    Information: We may need to contact you during the follow-up of Side Effects/Undesired Effects/Adverse Effects. Please provide a valid phone number or e-mail address at which we can get back to you later.